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Medicare Plans

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The ABCD's of Medicare:

Part A, Hospital Services, begin at age 65 (or under 65 for qualified disabled individuals) and are provided by the government, with no premiums due for most Medicare beneficiaries.

Part B, Medical Services, begin at age 65 (or under 65 for qualified disabled individuals), are provided by the government, and has a monthly premium due based on your income, which is typically withdrawn from your Social Security.


Part A & B DO NOT cover everything, Part C, D, and Medicare Supplements can be paired with Part A & B.

Part C, Medicare Advantage Plans are a result of the government outsourcing Medicare duties, such as claims processing, to private insurance companies. Deductibles, co-pays, and additional monthly premiums apply and not all doctors are in network. Depending on the type of plan you choose, monthly premiums can be as low as $0.00.

Part D, Prescription Drug Coverage, is purchased separately from a private insurance company and typically ranges from $10 to $100 monthly, depending on the plan you choose.

Medigap/Medicare Supplements cover the gaps of coverage in Part A & Part B and can be purchased from a private insurance company. There are several different supplement plans offered. You can purchase a supplement with a rich benefit that will leave you with a minimum out of pocket expense after your monthly premiums are met. 

Medicare doesn't have to be confusing. Our services are free to you.  We answer your questions, help you choose the right plans, enroll you, and are there for you after you are enrolled.

Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplement Plans work with Original Medicare to help you lower your out-of-pocket costs. The most popular plans are Medigap Plans F*, G, and N.
*Plan F is only available for those who turned 65 before January 1, 2020.


Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage Plans are an alternative to Original Medicare. They offer the same benefits as Original Medicare with added benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans can offer drug coverage, but some do not.


Prescription Drug Plans
Prescription Drug Plans, also know as Medicare Part D or PDP's, cover outpatient drug coverage. These medically necessary prescriptions are not covered by Original Medicare. These Plans are offered by private insurance companies that are contracted through the Federal Medicare Program.

We are not part of any government entity including the Federal Medicare program. We provide information on plans we offer only.  Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE for all available options.

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