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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance helps protect your family against the unexpected. We’ll take the time to learn about your needs and educate you on different types of life insurance products. Term life, Whole Life, Universal Life and Final Expense life plans available from all of the major life insurance companies. Unsure about how much life insurance you should have? No problem,  Our friendly and knowledgeable experts help you every step of the way.

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Term Life Insurance guarentees a death benefit if you die during the policy's term that you choose. The premiums are typically more affordable than other types of life insurance and is a great way to protect your loved ones.

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Whole LIfe Insurance provides a death benefit to the policy owner's designated beneficicary and a cash value component that can gain value over time. You may be able to take out tax free loans against the cash value when the value is sufficient.

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Universal Life Insurance is a permanent life insurance that can build up a cash value and pay a death benefit. You may have the flexibility to adjust your payments, increase or decrease coverage, accumulate cash for retirement, college funding, or emergencies.

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Final Expense provides a death benefit to help your beneficiary with costs when you pass away to pay for a funeral, cremation services, medical bills, and debts.

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